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In 2014 returning to the UK after living in Madrid, Glenn O’Halloran aka DOGZEN~ZENDOG spent two years in which he did not listen to any music at all, passing his days employed as a human rights worker and his nights sleeping on the floor of a Buddhist temple. It was during this period that he first conceived of the DOGZEN~ZENDOG idea: a series of songs, each one featuring a specific character. A man who’s life centers on a hi-fi system; Peter, who walks slowly; John, who smiles into the sun.


Today in 2020 O’Halloran is releasing the first of these songs as the HI-FI STORY EP. Post-Brexit Buddhist Dub? Mid-Pandemic Jazz Stories? Hypnotic Homemade Trance Fables? O’Halloran has found his voice.

HI-FI STORY will be released as a three-track digital EP on September 4th, 2020.


HIFI STORY Album Art @0.5x.jpg