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In 2014 returning to the UK after living in Madrid, Glenn O’Halloran aka DOGZEN ZENDOG spent two years in which he did not make any music at all, passing his days employed as a human rights worker and his nights sleeping on the floor of a Buddhist temple. It was during this period that he first conceived of the DOGZEN ZENDOG idea: a series of songs, each one featuring a specific character. A man who’s life centers on a hi-fi system; Peter, who walks slowly; John, who smiles into the sun.


Echoes of 1970s punk, council estates, dub textures, social justice, strange visions, and relatable characters from post-Brexit, almost post-plague, contemporary British life combine on DOGZEN ZENDOG's debut album WALKING QUICKLY STANDING STILL, released on Xenotone on June 25th, 2021. Available as vinyl, CD, streaming, and download.


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